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Stooshe team up with Swearbox for Beatbullying

Do you react to social media trolls with a flurry of four-lettered foul words? Do your frustrations of the day manifest themselves in an outpouring of bad language?

No strangers to explicit language themselves, the boisterous, mischievous, outgoing and witty trio StooShe may well have the solution. They’ve teamed up withhttp://charityswearbox.com/to offer a new Twitter tool that monitors your most potty-mouthed Tweets. Upon registering, users can choose a sum that will be donated to a charity of their choice every time their Tweet contains an expletive. At the end of the month, these transgressions will be tallied up and the user will receive a suggested charity donation to place in this virtual swear box.

StooShe’s debut single ‘Betty Woz Gone’ caused a huge stir when its accompanying lyrics video was unveiled last week. Within a day, the video had been viewed over100,000 times, making it YouTube’s most viewed music video in the UK and the 14thmost viewed in the world. Retweeted by the likes of Ed SheeranRizzle KicksandWretch 32, it prompted Time Out to describe them as “A fresh voice in UK R&B.” The single is now set to be released on November 28th on Warner Bros. Records.



Beatbullying works with children and young people across the UK to provide them with all important opportunities to make positive and lasting changes to their lives and outlook. In particular, we work intensively with those so deeply affected by bullying that they can barely face going to school that next morning. We aim to make deep changes in attitude of those young people that bully, working with them to take responsibility and a sense of ownership over their actions, building foundations for change and improvement in their life chances and opportunities.


Article: 50/50 Talk Swearbox

The incredible 50/50 project has been talking about our partnership with them on the blog.

The ‘other’ Twitter sweary-thing on 5050 is the brainchild of James Dow. The Charity Swearbox is a platform that he and co-founders Jay Gelardi and Rameet Chawla have been working on for over a year. We were really chuffed that they decided to make 5050 their first charity project – but their platform is intended to facilitate the running of many campaigns: it’s a brilliant charity start-up idea.

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Do the Green Thing Article 

A generous article from the team at Do the Green Thing an excellent social enterprise aimed at raising awareness and giving you daily tips to reduce your impact on the environment. 

Now that’s a f***ing good idea

Swearing is not big and it’s not clever. But now it’s good. Charity Swearbox is a clever little Twitter gadget that checks your tweets for every bad word you send out into the world. And their virtual swearbox means that every time you swear, you donate money to a charity. So really, the more you swear, the more you care about helping others. Simple! And bloody clever.

Oh, damn.

Huffington Post Impact Article 

A great article about Swearbox on the Huffington Post Impact blog. Warm words and kind press from this great site.

swearbox bird

Twitter stars, such as the loose-lipped fake @MayorEmanuel and feisty Canadian mom@KellyOxford, are known for letting expletives fly on the microblogging site. Now, those who like to vent in a similar four-letter-fashion can put those bad words to good use.

The online Charity Swear Box is the modern-day version of the office swear jar, asking people to hand over their pocket change as a consequence for letting curses slip.

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